How it works

The process from arrival to hometime!

Just to save time we have created a video to show you what a Pop Party At Home is like!

We’ve roped in our own kids to outline what we do and what you and your children can expect 🙂

If you would like to have a full blow by blow of the party .. don’t worry we have you covered.

Keep reading below for all the details …



When you’ve decided which songs you’d like to sing, let us know and we’ll put together your personal online Practice Page.

Here, you and your guests can download the lyrics and listen/sing along to the backing music tracks that we’ll be using at your party so you can get note perfect!

The web address for your personal Practice Page is printed on the invitations so everyone can have a go!

Here’s an example of a practice page >



Your party host arrives 30 minutes before the party is due to start so that all the equipment is set up and ready to go when your friends arrive. 

The fun starts right away.

Whilst we’re waiting for everyone to arrive, you can help test the microphones.  This is usually the source of much amusement before any singing happens.  Most children have never heard their voice through a microphone before.


Once all your guests have arrived it’s time for a quick chat as your host introduces him/herself and explains what you’ll be doing.

All our party hosts try to learn everybody’s name to give every party that personal touch.

At this point you can relax – your party host will run the party from here until the recording is all finished.


To warm up and help everyone relax we always have a practice of the first song, without recording.

Everyone is provided with a copy of the lyrics – no-one’s expected to learn the words!

Initially, everyone sings as a group so those who aren’t keen on singing on their own can still join in.

Your party host guides the children through the song, much as a choir-leader would. Once everyone’s comfortable, it’s time to record the first “take”.


This is the real fun part! For each of the three songs we decide who’s going to sing which section.  Anything goes – solos, duets, trios or the whole group singing at once, it’s up to you!

We accommodate everyone’s wishes as much as possible but of course we always give preferential treatment to the birthday girl/boy.

Once everything is decided we form a queue behind each mic so that everyone is lined up in the order that they are singing. We start the track and all each singer needs to do is step up to the mic when it comes to their part.

Your party host will organise everything and help get the right singer(s) up to the mics at the right time. Everyone can sing as much or as little as they want to – so if anyone’s apprehensive about singing on their own/in a pair there’s no need to worry – no one is made to feel embarrassed – it’s all about having FUN.

During recording the children hear (and sing along to) a cover version of the song they’re recording so that they know what to sing and when.  This is removed for the final version so we’re left with the backing music and only the children’s voices.  As soon as we’ve finished recording a take we listen back immediately.

Recording continues (with quick drink breaks) until we have takes of all three songs.  After listening back to the last song we always record a special version of “Happy Birthday”.  Recording typically lasts 70-90 minutes.

Editing / Mixing

Once the recording is finished there is a period of 20-30 minutes needed to edit the children’s recordings and mix them.  We use state-of the-art software to make the tracks sound fantastic and turn them in to high quality MP3 files.

Please note: during this time the children are not engaged by the party host as he/she will need to be working on the children’s music.

USB Bracelets / Home time


It’s at this point that the songs are copied on to our USB bracelets, one for each child.  This is the ideal time for the children to have their party food and play other party games.

When everything is ready your host can hand out everyone’s USB bracelet for them to take home.

Alternatively you can pop them in the children’s party bags, if you prefer.