Hear Previous Parties

What do the recordings sound like?

On this page you can hear some examples of songs recorded at previous parties.  As most of the children won’t have had any recording experience before we usually start the party by recording the first song as a whole group, with everyone singing at the same time.  This relaxes any nerves and helps the children get used to the recording process.

We often go on to record a second take of this first song where children get to sing their part as a solo, duet or in small groups. I’m constantly amazed at how well the kids know the songs and how well they sing them with little or no practice! Have a listen below – do you think you could sound as good as these guys?

Most Popular Songs

Without a doubt the most requested song so far … is “Shake It Off by Taylor Swift”, I’ve lost count of the number of times that has been recorded.

A close second to Taylor is the 2015 pop song – “Black Magic” by Little Mix. The children get very excited and love the chanting at the beginning! 

In the early days back when we were starting out  “Firework” by Katy Perry was a firm favourite along with loads of One Direction! 

We have delivered over 300 Pop Parties to talented happy sing stars!

The diary fills up quickly so get your party booked ASAP!