Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers!

The corner of an average sized living room is fine. No need to hire a hall, the majority of space needed is for the children.

For both Photo-Shoot packages you’ll need to consider where our backdrop can go. Its on stands and is 6′ (1.82M) wide.

The bracelets plug in to any standard USB socket on any Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer and most modern TVs.

The device shows up as a removable disc called “POP PARTY” and the music tracks appear as MP3 files which can be clicked on to play.  On a TV, use the menu to navigate to the USB settings to find the tracks.

The lyrics of all chosen songs are always vetted and anything inappropriate is changed wherever possible. 

Any unsuitable subject-matter is flagged up ahead of time so you can make a decision as to whether you (and the other mums) are happy for the children to sing it.

Everything we recorded, plus “Happy Birthday” of course! If you’ve opted for the Mega Star Photo PRO package then all the photos from the shoot will be on there too, unless you advise us differently.

The Recording Debut Package is 60 mins, Recording Star 2 hours, Mega-Star Photo/PRO: 2 ½ hours. Plus 20 minutes set up time.

Your party host(s) will always arrive 30 minutes before the time your guests are invited so that they can have everything ready to go when everybody arrives.

A: Each party has its very own Online Practice Page where you can listen to the backing tracks (which have no singing on them) and view/download lyrics sheets.  No one is expected to learn anything – lyric sheets are provided on the day.

No, not unless they want to.  They can all sing together, in small groups or solo, it’s up to them, as long as they have fun.

Absolutely, they’re not limited to choosing from a list. We can help with ideas if you’re not sure. All lyrics are vetted for suitability and any issues are flagged up beforehand.

Recording Debut package: 2. 

Recording Star Package and …
Mega-Star Photo Packages: 3

A: Yes.  Personalised ones, sent as PDF which can be printed out as many times as needed.

If you don’t have a printer we’ll print and post them to you.

A: In our experience a Pop Party is most suitable for an 8th Birthday and up.  Singing and reading lyrics requires concentration and levels vary so much at younger ages.

As many as you want but ideally no more than 15.  The larger the party, the harder it is to  please everyone when it comes to singing what they want.

For parties with more than 13 children total there is an extra charge of £15 for every additional child.  Between 8-12 works best.

We offer 4 different packages:

Recording Debut: £200

Recording Star: £250

Mega-Star Photo: £325

Mega-Star Photo PRO: £450


These prices include travel in Essex and cover the birthday girl/boy plus 12 guests.

Additional guests are charged at £15 per-head.

Additional charges are worked out on the day depending on how many actually turn up, so you never pay for no-shows.

There may be an extra charge for travel for parties further afield.

Yes. To secure a specific date/time slot a non-refundable deposit of £125 is required.

The balance is due 3 days in advance of the party, unless arranged otherwise.

We find payment in advance works best for both you and us as there’s no need to worry about payment on the day, you’ll have enough to think about as it is.

Of course we’ll reschedule the party to a mutually convenient date.

No, we leave this up to you.

Whilst the kids are eating, we need to be editing and mixing their music.